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Wednesday, September 13

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The world’s most powerful artificial intelligence search engine, ChatGPT, is sweeping the world.

Within days of its public release, it had become the fastest-growing consumer application in history...

It sparked an “AI arms race” between companies like Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta and Amazon...

And recently, the University of Florida released a backtest showing that an investing model powered by ChatGPT could have generated returns of 512% over a 15-month stretch that included the tough market in 2022...

All while the S&P 500 posted a loss of 12%. 

Now every investor wants to know...

How can I target winning stocks
with the help of ChatGPT?

On Wednesday, September 13, at 2 p.m. ET...

Alpesh Patel will go LIVE to demonstrate how he’s using generative AI as a new tool in his strategy to target winning stocks.

During the first six months of 2023, while the media was saying a recession was all but certain...

Bloomberg article title

And renowned economic forecasters were warning investors to get out of the market...

Twitter screenshot

Alpesh was busy applying the power of generative AI to his time-tested investment strategy.

And the findings from his six-month trial have been impressive.

Using ChatGPT-4 as a new tool in his strategy, Alpesh compiled a watchlist of 69 stocks in January that went on to turn into some of the market’s biggest winners by June...

Including Nvidia...

Nvidia chart displaying an 189% gain


Meta chart displaying an 138% gain

Axcelis Technologies...

Axcelis Technologies chart displaying an 131% gain

And Builders FirstSource...

Builders FirstSource chart displaying an 109% gain

Overall, nearly 3 out of every 4 stocks on the list were winners.

And the average gain for each winner was three times the size of the average loss.

But Alpesh didn’t stop there. He wanted to see whether ChatGPT could improve his results...

So he took it one step further. And he says what he ultimately found was “nothing short of shocking.”

On Wednesday, September 13, at 2 p.m. ET, Alpesh will go live to demonstrate how his strategy works and to reveal his “shocking” results for the first time...

Major investment banks and hedge funds are spending billions of dollars in a rush to adopt AI technology for their uber-wealthy clients...

Yet Alpesh is the only high-profile fund manager we know of who is stepping forward to level the playing field for Main Street investors.

During this special broadcast, you will...

  • Discover the complete results of Alpesh’s new AI-enhanced strategy
  • Witness a live demonstration of how he’s using ChatGPT to help him target winning stocks
  • Receive details on the next three stocks he’s targeting that could gain 100% or more within 12 months
  • Get the name and ticker symbol of one little-known, sub-$1 AI stock he believes could 10X in the next two years.

While most folks are scrambling to grasp the future impact of new AI models like ChatGPT...

Business Insider, the Financial Times, the BBC and Yahoo Finance all turned to Alpesh FIRST to discuss the latest developments in AI and what they mean for investors.

Alpesh on Yahoo

And Business Insider featured him in a story about the now-famous study conducted by the University of Florida.

Alpesh was one of the first to use algorithms to pick winning stocks online.

His proprietary software, Alpesh Patel’s Special Edition, an early fundamental version of AI for screening stocks on the internet...

Returned more than 1,200% over an 18-year period...

Alpesh chart

Nearly tripling Warren Buffett’s performance during that time.

Now he’s saying it’s time for Main Street investors to harness the power of AI for themselves.

Those who do will have the chance to target huge gains in the next five to 10 years.

Those who don’t will miss out on the profit opportunity of a lifetime.

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Here’s What Some of Alpesh’s Colleagues Are Saying

“Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media ‘spin’ and what you should trust.”

Hans Georgeson
Director, Barclays Stockbrokers

“Learning from him will help ordinary people match the results of market professionals.”

Clive Cooke
CEO, CityIndex

“Alpesh takes a no-holds barred approach to uncovering stock market secrets that most financial TV coverage keeps well hidden – a sort of Columbo meets Warren Buffett.”

Polly Fergusson
Contributor, Shares magazine

Who is Alpesh Patel?

Alpesh Patel is an award-winning hedge fund and private equity fund manager, international bestselling author, entrepreneur, and Dealmaker.

He is the Founder and CEO of Praefinium Partners and a Financial Times Top FTSE 100 forecaster, beating leading fund managers, analysts and journalists.

He’s a sought-after speaker, having presented at more than 500 conferences around the globe, including for Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and the London Business School.

A University of Oxford alumnus and former Visiting Fellow in Business, Alpesh interned for U.S. Congressman Eliot Engel and was appointed to a U.K. advisory position by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Alpesh is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He co-founded the U.K. chapter of the largest entrepreneur-mentorship organization in the world ( and is co-chair of the Loomba Foundation, which supports widows and orphans.